Week two

I’m a couple days into my 2nd week of attempting strict paleo and I’m doing ok for the most part.

Woke up to my left calf cramping up this morning around 3:30, which sucks because I get up at 4:05. FAIL. Anyway, found a question on paleohacks about that and the suggestion was more potassium. Will have to see if they happen again.

Once again, there are pastries in the office. Pastries are my achilles heel. I’ve done good so far with ignoring them, but the temptation still lingers.

When leaving on  our mini-vacation a couple weeks back, I was around 180lbs, mas o menos. After vacation, I was at 184-185ish and as of yesterday I’m back down to 178. As nice as it is being that low, I’d really like to put a bit of muscle on.

Yesterday’s workout left me gasping for air on the floor, which is an indication of a good workout in my opinion. I’ve put chin-ups, planks, and burpees in my workout now as well. The burpees and the planks are my last two exercises and BOY ARE THEY ROUGH after everything else I’ve done by that point.

Nothing worth acquiring is worth acquiring too easy though, right?


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