Run Much?

A copy/paste from a post over at that I thought was worth sharing with folks who don’t read PH regularly;

In preparation for an employment PT test, I began running back in 2006. At my “peak” I was logging 25-30 miles a week and enjoyed the time I sank into the running. I’ve gotta be honest, I still enjoy a nice long run and the feeling I get when finishing that run. I’ve never been a real competitive sports person but running is different. I compete against myself and have run countless races, from 5Ks to half marathons. Since mid-2006 I’ve logged almost 2000 miles (according to the logs I’ve kept pretty fastidiously on Also worth mentioning is that 95% of my runs now are in VFF’s where they used to be in all the fancy-schmancy running shoes that the majority of runners cram their feet into.

My goal a couple years back was to work my way up to an Ultra-Marathon and I’m still interested in that but it’s not as important a goal anymore. Gearing up for another PT test (and the Warrior Dash at the end of this month), I’ve started back into a mile or two a couple times a week just to get the running going again.

Since going paleo/primal/whole-food/whatever-label-you-want, I’ve continued working out but the runs aren’t quite as long. I’m coming to realize that somewhere between 5-10 miles at a time is about the most I really need/should run on a regular basis. I’ve never been a speed demon but during my heaviest running years (2006/2007) I averaged an 8-9:00 pace over the course of my runs.

The study cited by Dr Harris ( breaks my heart, but nobody seems to have a definitive answer on how much is really too much. I will continue running recreationally hopefully until I can’t any longer, but in the last year or so, I’ve become “enlightened” when discovering these way of eating and living and realizing that exercise isn’t quite as necessary as I once thought it was.

I exercise for pleasure now.


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