The 30 Days Are Over

I’d like to say that I learned alot over this past month, but I really didn’t learn anything new. Everything I put into practice since March 21st was stuff I already had done in the past. As I said to a Facebook buddy the other day, I had noticed my “cheats” getting more and more frequent so after a week mini-vacation in Florida decided to reel it back in.

I tried several months back to do a full 30 days of paleo and only made it about a week before I caved in to The Gluten Monster. This time went a whole lot better. Will break down how each goal went this past month.

1) No grains.
2) NO added sugar.
3) Minimal dairy.
4) Exercise.
5) Intermittent Fasting for at least one day a week.

1) As far as wheat goes, this was a non-issue. I don’t think I touched a single grain of wheat the entire month. It’s funny too, because other than the ocassional jonesin’ for a donut, I really wasn’t missing much. I’ve noticed over the course of the last 9 months or so that I’ve been eating better that wheat really tears up my stomach. At the risk of TMI, I think that wheat actually may be what causes my ocassional IBS. Easy enough; remove it from the diet and no gut-splitting bowel movements.

2) My original goal was NO sugar at all. After some night-time muscle cramps, I realized that I was running a bit short on potassium (at least that’s what I thought). I started eating a few bananas post workout, and when they were gone I started drinking a quick coconut water for a post workout. Overall, I think the sugar goal went pretty well.

3) The minimal dairy started out strong and then I found the “meatza” recipe. Tossing some good minimal-ingredients cheese on a meaty crust was unbelievable. What’s cool was that the weight continued to come off even with the cheese on the meatza.

4) This is probably the best one I had. I’ve noticed some strength gains over the last couple of weeks. I’ve increased all my exercises by a couple of reps. I’ve also noticed that fasted workouts are the bomb-diggity. Going into a strength workout on a truly empty stomach makes a noticeable difference. I’m sticking to the same workout routine for another month or so, then after another mini-vacation in Nebraska (first week of June), I’ll mix it up a bit. Any suggestions for a good kettlebell/bodyweight workout? Leave some ideas in the comments if you’ve got some.

5) Every Monday was designated my IF day and with the exception of ONE Monday (I switched it do Thursday and it didn’t go quite as well). I fasted from Sunday night’s dinner until Monday night’s dinner.

I’ve really enjoyed how I’ve been feeling while eating this way. I hate to say it but tomorrow I’m indulging a couple of my joneses. There’s a Code Red Mountain Dew sitting in my fridge and I’m planning on a few pastries tomorrow morning. I’m assuming that the subsequent sugar rush will remind me why I don’t eat them more often. 🙂


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