College admission essays…

I didn’t get in, but still thought these were kind of interesting to read…Written 10 years ago, it’s funny how I’ve changed and also how I remember those 18-24 hour days…


1. How did you first become interested in William and Mary and what makes it a particularly good match for you?

I first came up to William and Mary back in mid-November to hear the director of the Peace Corps speak. I was trying to look at different college campuses at the same time so I figured I could “kill two birds with one stone” by coming up to William and Mary for the day. Before and after the speech I wandered around campus and fell in love with the scenery and the nice, “cozy” feel of the campus. I stopped several of students to ask them a bit about the school also and everyone I talked to seemed to really enjoy being there. The honor code, to me, is a very impressive and important custom and it was one of the deciding factors to me really looking into William and Mary seriously. I think that William and Mary is a good college for me personally because Williamsburg seems to have enough history to keep MY head spinning but not TOO much to do and draw my attention away from schoolwork. I want to enjoy my college learning experience and have an enjoyable time but I also realize that higher learning is just THAT, and in order to better myself and further my knowledge I need to remain focused on the task at hand and schoolwork should come first.


1. Tell us about something unique you will bring to college with you this fall.
When the Fall 2001 school year starts at The University of North Florida I feel that with my time in the Navy under my belt I will be bringing to class a unique, hands-on worldly perspective. I also feel that my interactions and experiences with people that I’ve met and worked with in the Navy, and also in the countries I’ve visited, will benefit my studying of people. I feel that a “can do” attitude is essential to success in ANY situation and some of the experiences I have had in the Navy have enhanced me as a person and potential UNF student. When the ship goes out to sea, I usually end up working roughly anywhere from 18 to 24 hours a day. During those 18-24 hours anything CAN and usually DOES happen. Just a month ago during a drill on the ship I had to fight my way out of a smoke-filled workspace and then just 3 hours later I had to work on a piece of equipment in a space flooded with sea water. Experiences like that and many others make me believe that I will be bringing an optimistic outlook and a positive “can do” attitude to The University of North Florida.

2. A global perspective is a valued part of your education. If you had the opportunity to visit anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?
If I had the opportunity to visit anywhere in the world I would go back to Santorini, Greece. I was fortunate enough to visit Santorini back in 1998 while on a six-month deployment with my ship. The internationally acclaimed pianist, Yanni, composed a song entitled “Santorini” about the island several years back. The main reason that I would give my left arm to go back is because the view of the sunsets is absolutely breathtaking from the island. Watching the sunset from Santorini, while sitting with friends and enjoying a nice Greek dinner, is impossible to explain to someone. You have to actually BE there and witness it yourself. The same applies to pictures taken there. I have several pictures that I took in Santorini but they will never be able to replace the pictures in my mind of the gorgeous island of Santorini. Of all the places I’ve been in the past several years, Santorini is the only one that I feel this strongly about. The people of Santorini were so incredibly friendly too and they seemed to really enjoy having us their to partake in their festivities. A lot of the countries I’ve visited seem to have a bad taste in their mouths for the Navy because of prior bad incidents but Santorini welcomed us with open arms and I would do anything to go back there. As a matter of fact, once I retire and my future children are grown up and on their own I would like to pack up the bags and take off with my future wife and spend the rest of my days there. I could easily see that as a place I’d like to spend the golden years of my life.


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