Lean Gains going on

Been reading both “Lift To Run” and “For The Love of Cookies” lately (yay for subscriptions!) and it looks like both of those gals were giving new training methods a shot. I can relate, seeing how the last year has been an eye-opening experience with nutrition and training on my end as well. Discovering gluten, primal, paleo and getting more into bodyweight exercises has really been educational and interesting.

Digging through the Lean Gains archives on training, I came across “Lean Gains – Early Morning Fasted Training” and “Lean Gains – 10 Random Thoughts on Weight Training” which in turn led me to T-Nation’s article on the best back and biceps exercises and changed my mind on pullups vs chin-ups. I’ve always thought that chin-ups were the redheaded stepchild of pullups and were nowhere near as effective as pullups. Guess I learned otherwise. Thank you very much, Mr Internet.

Today is day 3 of my attempt at the Lean Gains 16/8 fast-refeed protocol. So far it’s good, with ONE exception that I dealt with during my 30 days of paleo last month. About a week and a half into my 30 days I got some seriously unpleasant headaches. So unpleasant, in fact, that I thought of scrapping my entire attempt at strict paleo and loading up on donuts and frappucinos. Well not REALLY, but I’m assuming that the sugar withdrawals is what gave me the please-stop-hitting-me-with-that-sledgehammer feeling in my head. I sucked it up, googled “paleo headaches” and ended up with this thread from paleohacks. I gave it a couple more days and it all of a sudden disappeared. My head was clear, I felt fantastic, and I had MAD energy for my workouts. To come back to the beginning, I “enjoyed myself” in between those 30 days and starting up this time (3 weeks with a couple coworker/buddies before heading on vacation at the end of May) and I think that sugar has done me in again. Yesterday and today I’ve started out with some headaches, but I’ll give myself a couple more days to see how they end up.

If you didn’t want to click over to Lean Gains, basically the premise is you fast for 16 hours out of the day with an 8 hour window to eat (healthy, whole foods hopefully). I’ve been finishing up my evening with cottage cheese and fresh strawberries, topped with cinnamon. Not necessarily dogmatic paleo, but the protein keeps me satiated and I don’t even get hungry until around 10-11am the next day. Last night I tossed in some organic pumpkin for the heck of it and that gave a pretty good flavor too.

I’m currently on a 6a-2p shift at work and have over an hour commute every morning and afternoon. This means I wake up at 4am and get on the road around 4:30. The Lean Gains schedule I’ve followed the last couple days (and will try to follow until 5/26) is that I have my last meal/snack no later than 8pm and then don’t eat again until the next day at 12 noon. I’ve only trained one day and it was completely half-assed, just went through my workout doing only 1 set of everything (usually do 3-4 sets) to remind my muscles without hurting myself. During my week and a half in between paleo challenges I did maybe a grand total of 7 dips on my rings and that was it. Today’s experiment is a complete fast, not even broken at noon. Since I don’t get home until around 4pm or so, my workouts don’t begin until 4:30’ish. I’ve got some “Xtend Blue Raspberry” which I’ll take a few minutes before heading to my garage for the kettlebell/ring workout today. Will keep you posted on that one, perhaps over at @crzydjm.

On a customer service sidenote, throw some business to SuperTrition.com if you get a chance. I’ve ordered from them several times and have had nothing but great experiences with them. As a matter of fact, they forgot to email me a shipping notice a couple years ago and when I emailed to ask for a tracking number, they refunded my shipping fee. The product came the next day so it wasn’t even an issue. The fact that they apologized AND then took it one step further by refunding my shipping charge ensured that I don’t even bother to look anywhere else on the internet for any supplements I’m interested in.


9 thoughts on “Lean Gains going on”

  1. It sounds like an interesting regime.
    I also find the whole paleo diet rather… awesome? I don’t know what word I want to use. Haha. But I want to try it as soon as I gain some much needed weight.

    Keep it up.

  2. Oh, and I was just thinking…
    You would have a difficult time lasting in my house. My mom just bought me donuts and muffins. Hahah. The good thing is, the donuts don’t last for more than an hour because she eats them.

    1. I do VERY badly with donuts and cake. If it is anywhere near me, my self-control just about goes out the window. Hope your mom enjoyed them, and put my name on one of them next time! 🙂

      The Paleo/Primal//Gluten-Free/RealFood way of eating just makes me feel better overall and makes for effortless weight maintenance, in my own experiences.

      I really wish I could flourish on a diet of beer and donuts. I’d be SO happy if that was the case 🙂

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