The Lazarus Post…

It’s been so long since I’ve sat down and typed up any thoughts. On ANYTHING.

Movies? Yeah, I’ve been watching them.

Music? Yep, listening to quite a bit of that too.

Exercising? It’s been a painful, out-of-breath road back, but that’s been happening too.

Reading through some old friend’s blogs (and a few new ones too), I’ve realized that even if nobody appears to be listening, it doesn’t really matter. Keep writing. My career is not as a writer, and being a husband and father doesn’t really lend itself to flights of fancy (I’ll quit my job and write the screenplay for the next Expendables! After THAT, the offers will come rolling in! Yeah!) As long as I am responsible for providing an income for my family, my writing will come as life allows.

This is not to say I have lost all motivation or inspiration; as a matter of fact, I’m brimming over with things to talk/type about. Give me some time to get these things down again and put them up here.

Most people, I truly believe, are interested in putting their mark on the world. As a writer, the things we put down “on paper” (it’s 2012! Less and less writing makes it to a piece of paper anymore) are how WE make OUR mark. Even once our lives are over, other people may read the sentences we’ve formulated and glean some sort of meaning from their structure.

I love reading and writing. That’s how I want to leave an impression.


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