The Archives are coming, the archives are coming!

I’m not sure how long this current writing streak will last. That sentiment, coupled with the desire to “back up” my previous writings has made me start gathering up old postings from my days of Blog-City and posting them over here on WordPress.

I’ve also decided, in the interests of artistic integrity, to keep them as-is. What I mean by that is I won’t edit them in the least. I have made a conscious effort and choice, over the last year, to not swear. Swearing really cheapens any conversation you may try to have. I make no judgements on other people swearing by any means; this is just a personal and spiritual choice for me. I’ve spent years perfecting the art of swearing and have just come to realize that nothing truly is presented effectively when it’s sprinkled with vulgarities.

The swear words will stay in there and, as painful as it may be to NOT make improvements to the verbiage, I won’t improve on the original postings. The only thing I’ll do is remove any hyper links and pictures, because I have to migrate the posts via a good old fashioned copy/paste of the text. My account at Blog-City is obsolete and has been for several years, so I can only access the postings through the Web Archive of my site from 2006.

Something else worth mentioning is the fact that I’ll modify the posting date to reflect the original posting date. Looking through some of them, they go all the way back to 2004. So there’s not a flurry of what would appear to be new postings (hey look, he put up a review of a movie from 2005! He sure is up-to-date!) I’ll back-date all the posts.

Bear with me, and HOLD ON. I hope you enjoy reading through my older posts.


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