The Last Thing You’ll Ever Do

I’ve gotta be honest here; this is not a very happy-go-lucky post. There’s none of my usual snarkiness in here anywhere either. Thinking of our own mortality is not the most pleasant thing, or even all that simple. The culture we live in (God Bless The USA!) really tends to shy away from death and mortal unpleasantness. Am I saying that’s not a good thing? No, of course not. We would all be in a very dark place, in my opinion, if we fixated on what happens when “this” is done. It’s easier, and much more enjoyable, to NOT give it much thought.

Over the years, I’ve read many stories about the last interactions people had with the outside world. When I say “last interactions”, I mean people who have died in one way or another. As some recent examples, some people were just enjoying a movie, others had taken a different path than they may have wanted in their last few minutes, some were stricken with a horrible disease, and still others were just living on borrowed time. There are countless other articles to read about peoples’ deaths; too many to list here.

Over the past couple weeks or so, I’ve been “migrating” some of my older writings over to this WordPress blog. My reasons are twofold; first of all, I’d like some sort of single backup location and second I also would like to introduce my writings to a new crowd. Honestly, I know many different people now as I’ve changed careers and moved across the country since 2004.

It’s been interesting to read through my old posts. There are certain lines of text that I can distinctly remember having written and other posts are completely foreign to me. I will say that I was angrier, more vulgar, and just an absolute bear in some of them.

It’s actually really sad to think about it but it’s what I would consider a necessary evil. I mean, bear with me a moment here. Do we wander through this planet only updating our Facebook statuses, Tweeting, sucking down Starbucks and never give any thought to what would happen if we never saw those we cared about again?

I know it’s ominous, but have you ever given a thought about your last words? Whether in print or voiced out loud, what will YOUR final contribution be?

If that were your situation today, what’s the last thing you told your significant other? If you’re a parent, how about your kids? Your closest friends? The stranger that you just stood in the elevator with? The driver next to you in traffic?

Were your words and/or actions kind? Were they malicious? Were they indifferent? Did you lift that person up? Or did you bring them down? Did you make them feel like they mattered? Or that they weren’t worthy of your time?

Why can’t we, at the risk of a cliche, live each moment like it may be our last? We’re all in this together, regardless of our individual beliefs.

This was sitting on my heart. I’m not sure why exactly, but maybe I want to have contributed something of substance while I was here. If that “something of substance” happens to be this blog post and you give a few minutes to thinking about your behavior, then maybe I’ve done something.


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