unproductiveI sat down here on the laptop to get some writing done. I have to say, however, that my technology is awfully distracting. I have desperately been attempting to create the best possible scenario to write in. Using Chrome, I had several tabs open and was jumping back and forth between several of them. I actually created a Youtube playlist to “awaken” my muse along while listening to several musical scores (The Grey, The Descent, and Dark Knight). As I was doing that, I had Facebook open in another tab and kept scratching THAT itch too. Next thing I know, I’m looking at the lower right corner of my laptop and I see that over 60 minutes have gone by and the only things that have been written are several comments on Facebook AND the title of my new Youtube playlist.

Pathetic. Absolutely pathetic. I came in here, with the explicit purpose of writing and here I sit completely unproductive and uninspired.

Yes, I was jumping back and forth between a couple of the drafts I have sitting on my account with the WordPress servers but I was only able to complete ONE sentence in both of them. As my inspiration would run dry on one, I hopped to the other and tried to do something there too. No dice. The last post I put up, about my hike going sideways, was a lengthy one. For lack of a better way to put it, it was a huge brain dump. Once I sat down that day to write it, with the sole purpose of getting as many details out there as possible, it just wrote itself. Seriously. The fact that certain things just flow and other things take me banging my head against the keyboard until any sort of coherence is formed is fascinating to me. It’s such a bittersweet feeling; I love to write even though I’m able to “bottle the lightning” only half the time or less.

Back to my original thought process, it was as I was getting so frustrated with myself that I realized I needed to go minimal. Yes, I know that common sense would most likely dictate the obvious, but I’m not always tuned to the obvious (just ask my wife, ha!)

Now all the extra Chrome tabs have been closed up. This room (my man cave) is silent with the exception of the spinning of this laptop’s hard drive. Let me see what I can get added to these multiple unfinished ideas sitting and waiting to be written. I’m excited for the short story I’m currently working on (yeah, it’s in the horror genre; my wife read what I’ve got so far and she was digging it) but the ideas for it come in random bursts throughout my week. When the urge hits, I look like a complete idiot, jotting down ideas on scratch paper so I don’t forget for later. I’ve just gotten nearly 500 words down on the subject of not being able to get anything accomplished in the writer’s realm so at least THAT’S something right?


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