Well Dressed Man

When I first met my wife in 2001, I had very recently been discharged from the Navy and was preparing to enter college at age 24. I would also, and she’s mentioned this multiple times, dress in khaki pants and either polo or buttoned shirts. I suppose that I was in a perpetual business mode during that time period. I was working part time at the mall and constantly looking to find a better job.

Fast forward a few years and my go-to outfit has been a t-shirt and blue jeans with a ballcap (100% cotton, pre-fitted if you’re curious; none of that “flexfit” nonsense). I’m not sure exactly how it came to this but I’m going more with comfort than nostalgia.

When I say t-shirt, I don’t mean a plain white t-shirt and blue jeans like THIS GUY, though.fonz

My t-shirts have devolved into sillier and sillier slogan-type clothes. For quite awhile, perusing sites like snorgtees and badideatshirts seemed like the best use of my fashion-research time. Considering I just celebrated my 36th year on this planet though, dressing a bit nicer may be a better idea, right?

This entire month of January has been spent in a collared-shirt state of existence. With the exception of ONE night of hot wings and beer with a buddy, I’ve stuck to my self-imposed goal. The funniest thing about that one night was my wife asking why I was violating my no t-shirt rule. I explained that I was making an effort to look nicer for her and since I was heading to a pizza/brewery near the college campus, it would be good for me to stick with a t-shirt; you know, to hold back the crowds of screaming college girls of course. Her retort, as it was actually an astute AND humorous observation, was that most college guys down there would most likely be in t-shirts. My self-deprecating response, which appeared to end the discussion, was that any girl in there would be quite aware that I was a thirty five year old and therefore too old to give the time of day to. In case you were wondering, that place is 1702 and they’ve got a really great selection of draft beers, along with the usual dinner fare of wings and pizza.

I guess what I’m trying to say here is that if you see me and I don’t happen to be wearing a t-shirt, there’s an actual reason behind it. I’m aware I’ll never look like Brad Pitt, but there’s no reason I can’t try and look less like the Fonz.


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