Tough Mudder Number Two

tmSo, I’ll be running at the Tough Mudder tomorrow. Last year I came back with two injuries. Nothing that kept me from functioning normally, but a tad bit painful. The ball of my left foot was bruised from running over tough concrete chunks in my original pair of Vibrams. I strained a tendon in my left arm and actually thought it may be broken. Luckily, the arm wasn’t broken (and it actually was the impetus for me to start getting yearly physicals) and my foot was just tender for a bit.

This year’s goals are as follows;

#1 – Finish every obstacle (same as last year’s goal, although “Mount Everest” took me a dozen attempts before I finally got it)

#2 – No injuries.

Pretty simple and to the point. Hope to see you there, even if we’ll both be covered in mud!

UPDATE – Found a cool cam-video from last year’s Arizona TM.


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