True Companion

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Coming up on a decade of marriage today and just the other day I heard a song I hadn’t even thought about in ages by Marc Cohn called “True Companion”.

I’m willing to bet that you’ve heard Marc Cohn before. His most popular radio hit was “Walking In Memphis” from years ago.

As a preamble to posting the lyrics to “True Companion”, be advised that I have in no way been involved in this song. I’m only a fan of Mr Cohn and want to share the words he wrote with you. They are as follows;

“Baby I’ve been searching like everybody else
Can’t say nothing different about myself
Sometimes I’m an angel and sometimes I’m cruel
When it comes to love, I’m just another fool

Yes, I’ll climb a mountain
I’m gonna swim the sea
There ain’t no act of God, girl
Could keep you safe from me

My arms are reaching out
Out across this canyon
I’m asking you to be my true companion
True companion, true companion

So, don’t you dare and try to walk away
I’ve got my heart set on our wedding day
I’ve got this vision of you girl in white
Made my decision that it’s you alright

When I take your hand
I’ll watch my heart set sail
I’ll take my trembling fingers
And I’ll lift up your veil

Then I’ll take you home and with wild abandon
Make love to you just like a true companion
You are my true companion
I got a true companion, oh, true companion

When the years have done irreparable harm
I can see us walking slowly arm in arm
Just like that couple on the corner do
Girl, I will always be in love with you

When I look in your eyes
I’ll still see that spark
Until the shadows fall
Until the room grows dark

Then when I leave this Earth
I’ll be with the angels standin’
I’ll be out there waitin’ for my true companion
Just for my true companion
True companion, true companion.”

When my wife and I were dating, there was a couple that we hung out with on a regular basis (hey there Gene and Danielle). We were at their apartment one evening, grilling out and having some drinks. My wife and I went out for a walk and she told me that night that she wanted to be my “number one girl”. I never forgot her saying that. At the time, I thought it was one of the cutest things I could have imagined her saying and I was flattered that she felt that way. What she DIDN’T know was that from the moment I had initially met her that evening at the mall, I’d been thinking of her constantly and there was no other girl that had captivated me like her in recent memory. She already was my “number one” girl. We were engaged shortly after and married on May 24, 2003.

We’ve weathered some stuff over these last ten years. I won’t lie and say it’s been awesome the entire time. It hasn’t. The move from Florida to Arizona several years ago nearly sank us. My depression flare-ups (more to come on that in another post; it’s almost done I promise) have not been easy on her.

Both of us, at certain points, have been ready to throw in the towel.

But we didn’t. We have cried together, we’ve yelled together, but most recently we’ve laughed together on a regular basis.

Here we are, ten years later. I’m so happy to have my own “true companion” next to me. I don’t have a clue where I would be without her but I’m grateful that God revealed her to me.


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