My Weekend

 I’m a huge fan of animated GIF pictures and I get a kick out of humorous blog posts that reference them, like the following three;

In honor of my upcoming weekend in Vegas with some good friends, I’ve made my own.

  • I’m off work for the next few daystumblr_lgqwsbEa891qfjmnk
  • Where we’re headedtumblr_m3w9v91nZ21qgbdhlo1_500
  • Kids are being babysat so it’s a parents-only weekendboratgroupdance5is
  • We’re driving there, so we’ll probably be listening to a ton of good musictumblr_lit5wdB6j21qcfba3o1_500
  • We’ll probably stop for some drinks and switch out drivers toozoolander
  • The Boy gets some hangout time with Grandpa for a few daystumblr_lgqwpt5PfZ1qfjmnk

See you after we return!



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