The Man List…Chapter One

manlyPeople LOVE lists. Regardless of the number of bullets in said list, people love to read “Top Ten Ways to ___” and “Worst Twenty ____ Of This Year”. Well, let me go ahead and toss my hat into the ring and drop what I would like to say is “The Man List”, or at least MY man list. This is in no way all inclusive and there may be more to come. This is just off the top of my head for now.

  1. Romans 12, hands down one of my all time favorite passages of the Bible. Regardless of whether you call yourself a Christian or not, give this a look. It’s only twenty-one verses, so you won’t be stuck reading it for hours. If you take to heart the basic tenets of it, however, it should stick in your craw for quite a bit longer.
  2. Do what you say you will do. Too many guys talk a big game and then don’t back it up. Words are powerful, but actions are even more so.
  3. GO TO WORK. No one is obligated to take care of you and your family OTHER THAN YOU. Don’t ever think that a job is below you. A job is a job. FEED YOUR FAMILY.
  4. Help with furniture moving is required. If a man asks (you don’t even need to be BFFs) and you have no good reason for not helping, your man card enters a probationary period. No one ever WANTS to ask you to break a sweat, especially if it’s not even YOUR stuff that will cause that sweat. Don’t make it awkward. Don’t hem-and-haw about why you can’t help. If you are capable of being physically present and in decent enough shape (if you get enough man hands on a couch, it’ll move. Really, you don’t have to look like The Rock to carry a loveseat from one room to another), HELP THE MAN OUT.
  5. If it makes you nervous, but the chance of it resulting in a fatality is low (that second part is pretty important), GO FOR IT. From talking to that pretty girl you’ve had your eye on to hopping on stage, GO FOR IT. Who knows, you may make a new friend or even find that with time the butterflies simmer down in your stomach.
  6. Don’t diddle on the seat.
  7. If you DO diddle on the seat, don’t be the guy who sneaks out of the stall without wiping it up.
  8. Don’t create drama. Don’t feed drama. Some people thrive on drama because it makes them the center of attention. Life is really NOT that difficult. We live and we die, sometimes sooner than we planned. There is no good reason to manufacture drama.
  9. Don’t always try to be the center of attention (see above). If it’s always about YOU, then you will probably find out eventually that everyone else has left and the only one left is YOU. Ask other people about their lives, and LISTEN when they answer you.
  10. Hold the door; chivalry is NOT dead and little acts of kindness can alter the mood of a complete stranger in a good way.
  11. Stick to your guns. Politics and religion are both hotbeds of debate. If you want to throw an opinion out there on either of them, don’t waffle. Unless you hear another point of view and truly embrace it, then stick to your guns. I don’t claim to be the most knowledgeable in every subject, so I’m interested in other points of view. Even so, I know what I believe and won’t be swayed.
  12. Say “Merry Christmas” if you so desire. Don’t be afraid of the idiotic political correctness running rampant. I celebrate Christmas and will tell you Merry Christmas. If you say “Happy Holidays” for the SOLE PURPOSE of not offending me, then you HAVE offended me.
  13. Don’t get litigious because of your own ineptitude. Society has become so guilt-free and blame-free that a lawsuit is the first option people think of when a mistake has been made. “Man up” and take responsibility for your actions. Think long and hard about exactly why someone ELSE is responsible for what transpired in your life before ruining theirs with litigation.
  14. Don’t censor other people. Change the channel or walk away if you need to. Freedom to express oneself and speak ones mind is not a one way street, regardless of how some politicians may make it seem.
  15. Don’t judge other people. As my vocally gifted friend Tupac Shakur said succinctly, “Only God Can Judge Me”. Keep that in mind before opening your mouth. Just because you can find something wrong in someone doesn’t mean they can’t find the same thing wrong in you.
  16. Read a book. Or two. Or a hundred. Or a THOUSAND, over the course of your life. Watch less television, where your thinking is passively spoon fed to you. Read a little more, where you take an active part in visualizing the characters and the situations they are in.
  17. Stay in semi decent shape. Just because you’ve “settled down” doesn’t mean you need to “settle out”. Eat and drink a little less, go for a walk/run and lift something heavy before putting it down. Repeat. And AGAIN. You don’t want to be that guy who can’t defend his family from some moron who’s decided that he wants to wreck your life.
  18. Be thankful.
  19. Wheaton’s Law


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