State Of The Literary Union


Judging by the new followers and the site visits showing up in the traffic statistics, I can tell you are still coming by.

It has been awhile and I apologize for that.

Things have changed since my last posting in August. I returned to midnight shift and that has dimmed my creative spark. While I was on “normal” hours, I would get a substantial amount of my writing done on Sunday mornings. There was a special time hours before church, with the assistance of a Spotify instrumental playlist and several cups of coffee that my inspiration flowed. As it stands now, by the time I fall into the bed on Saturday night I have been pushing the better part of thirty hours awake and rising earlier than necessary on Sunday morning is virtually impossible.

I have stand up material to put together, enough for at least two more acts.

I have a couple blog posts just gestating in the WordPress depths (the one that’s eighty percent done is regarding the importance of words; I am bound and determined to make it perfect).

I have written (still working on it) a romantic short story being looked over by a friend busier than I, a genre which is way out of my comfort zone.

There are things happening, I promise, just not publicly yet.

There is still that idea for a novel bouncing around in my head (“two men whose upbringing and life trajectory couldn’t be more different eventually meet under unfortunate circumstances”). As far as getting words down, however, I’m stuck in a crippling literary paralysis. The premise of the novel is strong, but I spend a good amount of time sleeping (in order to function as a semi normal husband, father, friend, and son) and playing silly, time wasting cell phone games like Clash of Clans and WordBase (although to be fair, WordBase is fantastic as a vocabulary builder; add me if you want as “crzydjm” to feed my obsession).

There has been reading, oh yes (way past my reading goal for this year). There has been an insane amount of walking too (some of this was written while walking; on a side note, it is a very interesting experience writing and walking concurrently).

The perfect storm of work life and time sucking endeavors has taken a chunk out of my writing. It sounds an awful lot like an excuse, I know.

I own that, and I get to be the one that continues to have that nagging voice in the back of my head saying…

“Why aren’t you writing?”

On the anniversary of Pearl Harbor today, swing by Pacific Paratrooper’s Blog and read through some of the WWII stories there. I guarantee you won’t regret it.


3 thoughts on “State Of The Literary Union”

  1. Writing to me is like going to the gym, even if you have a less than stellar workout you never regret the time you spent doing it. Godspeed sir. BTW – I’d be curious about the standup routine too.

    1. I’ve linked to the post regarding my stand up, Doc 🙂 Scroll to the very bottom of the post to view the embedded videos (my buddy was gracious enough to record each one)

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