Leah Memory #1


Dear Leah

Things in life have to come sooner or later. This one came sooner. I wish it hadn’t come sooner, later would have been better.

Dear Leah’s parents, Leah will be remembered at all times. Me and Pam have known her since kindergarten. she will allways remember us too. I hope Leah will be remember by other people too. Me and Pam were crying when they told us at school. I wish Pam’s mom was there when they told us. Her teacher will remember her at all times too. I wish I had a pictuer of her by that. I saw Leah the day befor she past away. they took her to the nurse right after she got off the bus and got their coat off. How do I know so much about her? I am with her at lunch, when she gets off the bus, when she goes home to the bus.

Footprints will be in my heart forever.

Love, Jennifer Renae



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