Carry The Load Years 1-4

ctlPart of the mission of Carry The Load is to “carry” names with you as you walk/ruck/run on Memorial Day as a reminder of the true meaning of the holiday. The first year that we participated, I only had a handful of names. I went out to the Internet and began searching for line of duty deaths and, as unpleasant as that undertaking was, it was also vital to be able to publicly remind people of those sacrifices made.

The sheer volume of names after four years of gathering and scheduling their posts both on our local Carry The Load Sahuarita Facebook page AND our Twitter feed (@CTLSahuarita) made me realize that I needed to create a “repository” and start over with the names being scheduled. This is in no way a slight against the people that I have no personal connection to; as you will see below all names are getting the respect they deserve, albeit in one central location.

The last several years, I have sat down on the computer and manually scheduled each name and article to be posted. This past year, 2017, there were enough names on the list that it became necessary to schedule Facebook postings 2-3 times a day and each tweet 3 minutes apart on Memorial Day to ensure the inclusion of all names. Unfortunately, line of duty deaths will continue both due to suspects assaulting officers, accidents occurring, and military operations continuing on so the list will continue to grow. This year seems as good a time as any to restructure our methodology and continue forward.

My plan, going forward, is to keep the names on my yearly list that I have a personal attachment to, and then “reset” the list with new names from the last few years that have slipped through the cracks. Sadly, it is difficult to keep up with all the line of duty deaths happening, but it would be remiss for me not to at least give it my best effort. In addition to me manually searching out names, I could use YOUR help as well. If you have someone you would like to be remembered for their sacrifice, send as much information as you have (Branch/Agency, End of Watch date, name, any online article link) to us at Sahuarita AT

Attached below, you’ll find names and short summaries about each fallen individual pulled from the links within. If the Ends of Watch were tied to the same event, I tried to group them together. Keep in mind that these are ONLY THE NAMES THAT WE HAVE GATHERED FOR CARRY THE LOAD. Line of Duty Deaths are happening on a regular basis and these have been gathered via the Internet, personal connections, and names written at each Carry The Load event in Sahuarita over the last 4 years. Please let us know if any of the links are outdated or incorrect.



United States Air Force

Ssgt Michael Cinco – EOW 12/21/2015 – “Killed in a suicide attack in Afghanistan on December 21, 2015. Special Agent Cinco was from Mercedes, Texas and was killed, along with five other soldiers, when an attacker drove a motorcycle laden with explosives into their patrol near Bagram Air Base.”

Capt Matthew Roland  and SSgt Forrest Sibley – EOW 8/26/2015 – “…the troops’ interpreter got out and started talking to two guards at the checkpoint wearing Afghan National Defense and Security Forces uniforms. After giving the convoy permission to pass, one guard moved toward a bunker fortified with a belt-fed M240B machine gun.

The other guard approached Roland’s door. When the guard was within five feet, he started to raise his M4 rifle to his shoulder.

Roland knew exactly what was happening. He keyed the radio.

“Insider attack! Insider attack!” he shouted to his comrades as he threw the gearshift in reverse.

Within seconds, Roland was shot dead, as was another airman, 31-year-old combat controller Staff Sgt. Forrest Sibley. But Roland’s selfless actions that day bought his fellow troops precious time to counterattack and likely saved many more lives, the Pentagon said.”

Khobar Tower Bombings – EOW 6/25/1996
During Operation Southern Watch (a no-fly zone operation in southern Iraq), Khobar Towers was being used as quarters for assigned Coalition forces. On June 25, 1996, a truck bomb was detonated adjacent to Building #131, an eight-story structure housing members of the United States Air Force’s 4404th Wing. 19 U.S. servicemen were killed and all names are listed below in alphabetical order (pulled from THIS SITE, a great source for further information).

Capt Christopher Adams
TSgt Daniel Cafourek
Sgt Millard Campbell
Sr Amn Earl Cartrette Jr
TSgt Patrick Fennig
Capt Leland Haun
MSgt Michael Heiser
MSgt Kendall Kitson
SSgt Kevin Johnson
SSgt Ronald King
Amn 1C Christopher Lester
Amn 1C Brent Marthaler
Amn 1C Brian McVeigh
Amn 1C Peter Morgera
TSgt Thanh Nguyen
Amn 1C Joseph Rimkus
Sr Amn Jeremy Taylor 
Amn 1C Justin Wood
Amn 1C Joshua Woody

Major David Gray – EOW 8/8/2012 “…hit by the second of two suicide bombers. After the first blast, he and his team rushed the scene to help when the second blast went off.”

United States Army

Sgt Dale Brehm – EOW 3/18/2006 “…killed by enemy small arms fire during the mission.”

Spc Roberto Hernandez – EOW 6/2/2009 “…wounds sustained when his mounted patrol was attacked with an improvised explosive device and small-arms fire.”

SSgt Matthew McClintock – EOW 1/05/2016 “…killed during an extended firefight in Marjah in Helmand province ‘from wounds suffered when the enemy attacked his unit with small arms fire,’ according to a statement from the Pentagon. He was the first U.S. service member to be killed in action in Afghanistan in 2016.”

Sgt Preston Medley – EOW 10/14/2008 “…died Oct. 14 in Qazi Bandeh, Afghanistan, when his vehicle struck an IED.”

Pvt Johnathan Millican – EOW 1/20/2007 “…wounds sustained when his patrol was ambushed while conducting dismounted operations.”

SSgt Daniel Morris – EOW 11/25/2006 “…of injuries sustained when an improvised explosive device detonated near his vehicle in Judiah, Iraq.”

Cpl Gunnar Zwilling – EOW 7/13/2008 “…of wounds sustained when his outpost was attacked by small-arms fire and rocket-propelled grenades from enemy forces in Wanat, Afghanistan.”

United States Marine Corps

Pfc Gerald Lenz – EOW 1/20/1968  “…killed by enemy small arms fire in a terrible ambush in a graveyard outside the village of My Loc at the mouth of the Cua Viet River. He and 10 other Marines of the Platoon were killed that day… most were “New Guys” and were killed almost immediately by small arms fire when most of them stood up to jump off the Amtrac. The veterans and a few of the “New Guys” rolled off – keeping a low profile – and most of them survived. The Platoon was riding on top of two Amtracs and when they drove into the graveyard they entered a “U-shaped” ambush the North Vietnamese Army Palace Guard) and elements of the local Viet Cong had set up. The terrain was flat and sandy (no cover available) and there was standing water everywhere… so many weapons jammed when they hit the ground”

United States Navy

Petty Officer Charles Keating IV – EOW 5/3/2016 “…was part of a ‘quick reaction force’ attempting to extract a team of American combat advisers who came under attack from Islamic State militants in Iraq’s Kurdish region.”

Petty Officer Mark Mayo – EOW 3/24/2014 “…shot and killed aboard the USS Mahan by a civilian who had boarded the ship while it was docked at Naval Station Norfolk’s Pier 1.”


US Marshals Deputy Cmdr Patrick Carothers – EOW 11/18/2016 “…shot and killed as he and other members of the Southeast Regional Fugitive Task Force attempted to serve a warrant on a subject in Long County, Georgia.”

Orlando Police Lt Debra Clayton – EOW 1/9/2017 “…shot and killed when she encountered a wanted murder suspect in the parking lot of a Walmart at the intersection of Princeton Street and John Young Parkway.”

Orange County Deputy Norman Lewis – EOW 1/9/2017 “…was killed in a motorcycle crash while participating in the search of the subject who had just murdered Lieutenant Debra Clayton, of the Orlando Police Department.

Lieutenant Clayton had been shot and killed when she encountered a wanted murder suspect in the parking lot of the Walmart on Princeton Street. After shooting her, the subject fled in a carjacked vehicle and shot at an Orange County deputy who located the vehicle. During the ensuing search, Deputy Lewis’ motorcycle collided with a vehicle that turned in front of him at the intersection of Pine Hills Road and Balboa Drive.”

Prince George’s County PD Officer Jacai D. Colson – EOW 3/13/2016 “…shot and killed in an ambush attack on the Prince George’s County Police Department’s District III Station. A suspect walked up and opened fire on officers outside of the station while his two brothers filmed the attack.”

Danville PD Officer Thomas Cottrell Jr – EOW 1/17/2016 “…shot and killed from ambush behind the village’s municipal building shortly after 11:00 pm.”

Virginia State PD Trooper Chad P. Dermyer – EOW 3/31/2016 “…shot and killed while participating in interdiction training at a Greyhound bus station. Trooper Dermyer was interviewing a suspect when the suspect produced a handgun and shot Trooper Dermyer.”

Mesa County Deputy Sheriff Derek Greer – EOW 2/10/2016 “He and other deputies were investigating reports of an armed subject in the area and spotted the juvenile, who matched the description of the subject. As Deputy Geer spoke to the juvenile, the boy asked him if he was being detained. When Deputy Geer told him that he was being detained the boy pulled away from him and a struggle ensued.

Deputy Geer deployed a taser, however, the subject was able to pull out a handgun and open fire. Deputy Geer was struck multiple times, including in the face. He was able to radio for assistance but had become unresponsive by the time another deputy arrived at his location. He was transported to St. Mary’s Hospital where he remained on life support so his organs could be donated.

Tacoma PD Officer Jake Gutierrez – EOW 11/30/2016 “…shot and killed after responding to a domestic disturbance call at a home on the 400 block of East 52nd Street.

A male subject inside the home opened fire on Officer Gutierrez, fatally wounding him. Other responding officers were able to make entry into the home and pulled Officer Gutierrez from it. He was transported to a local hospital where he succumbed to his wounds.”

New Orleans PD Officer Daryle S. Holloway – EOW 6/20/2015 “…was requested to transport the subject to Central Lockup following the interviews. The subject had been handcuffed behind his back but managed to maneuver his arms to the front of his body. He then produced the .40 caliber handgun he had kept concealed on his person, crawled through the vehicle’s partition, and began struggling with Officer Holloway. Officer Holloway was shot during the ensuing struggle, causing his vehicle to crash into a utility pole near the intersection of North Claiborne Avenue and Elysian Fields Avenue.”

Greenville SC PD Allen Lee Jacobs – EOW 3/18/2016 “…was shot multiple times as he and other Community Response Team officers attempted to interview a known gang member at a home near Rebecca Street and Ackley Road, in the Nicholtown neighborhood.

When the subject saw the officers he fled on foot onto a wooded path with officers in pursuit. He was chased into the backyard of a home where he fatally shot Officer Jacobs.”

Draper PD Sgt Derek Johnson – EOW 9/1/2013 “…was shot and killed when he stopped to check on a vehicle parked on the side of South Fort Street shortly before 6:00 am.

A male subject in the vehicle immediately opened fire on Sergeant Johnson, shooting him before he was able to exit his patrol car. Despite being mortally wounded, Sergeant Johnson was able to radio a distress call. Responding units and medical personnel performed CPR until a helicopter arrived to transport him to Intermountain Medical Center, where he succumbed to his wounds.”

Howard County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Carl A. Koontz – EOW 3/20/2016 “…shot and killed while serving a set of drug-related warrants. Deputy Koontz, along with officers from two other agencies knocked on the door and announced their presence. After no answer, the officers entered the home. As they entered, the suspect opened fire, striking both Deputy Koontz and a Sergeant with the Sheriff’s Office.”

Westwego PD Officer Michael Louviere – EOW 1/20/2017 “…was shot and killed while off duty when he stopped to assist at what he believed to be an accident scene at the intersection of Barataria Boulevard and Ames Boulevard.

He was driving home at approximately 6:30 am, still in uniform, at the end of his shift when he encountered the crash scene. Unbeknownst to Officer Louviere, the crash was the result of a domestic violence incident. As Officer Louviere tended to an injured woman in one of the vehicles a male subject approached him from behind and shot him in the back of the head, killing him. The man then fatally shot the female before fleeing the scene.”

San Antonio PD Detective Benjamin Marconi – EOW 11/20/2016 “…was sitting in his patrol car during the stop when an unrelated subject stopped his car behind Detective Marconi’s patrol car. The man walked up to the passenger side of Detective Marconi’s patrol car and shot Detective Marconi once in the head. The man then leaned into the patrol car and shot Detective Marconi a second time.”

Miller County Sheriff CO Lisa Mauldin – EOW 12/19/2016 “Corrections Officer Lisa Mauldin was killed when she and another officer were attacked by an inmate inside the Miller County Detention Center’s kitchen at approximately 1:00 pm.”

HSI Special Agent Scott McGuire – EOW 1/24/2016 “Special Agent Scott McGuire succumbed to injuries sustained nine days earlier when he and another agent were struck by a drunk driver near the intersection of Collins Avenue and Espanola Way, in Miami Beach, Florida.”

El Paso PD Officer David Ortiz – EOW 3/14/2016 “…died Monday after being injured in a chain-reaction crash last week, police officials said.

Officer David Ortiz had been with the police department for nine years and was a traffic officer assigned to the Pebble Hills Regional Command.

Ortiz had been hospitalized since Thursday afternoon when he was hit from behind by a car while the officer was stopped at a red light on Lee Treviño Drive at Vista Del Sol Drive.

Ortiz was hit by a Kia Optima driven by a 45-year-old man, who was also hospitalized after the crash. The man’s name has not been released.

The first impact caused a chain-reaction, police officials had said. The Kia also hit a red Acura in front of the motorcycle. The Acura was then pushed into the back of an orange 1976 Chevrolet pickup. The crash caused the Kia to burst into flames, which also burned the motorcycle.”

Columbus PD Officer Steven Smith – EOW 4/12/2016 “Smith and his fellow officers were trying to serve a warrant for arson when they say Rutledge shot from inside the apartment into an armored vehicle. Smith was hit.”

CA Highway Patrol Officer Nathan Taylor – EOW 3/14/2016 “Officer Nathan Taylor responded to a separate collision scene on Saturday when he was struck by a passing car. He was transported by ground to a hospital with extensive injuries including broken bones.”

Americus PD Officer Nicholas Smarr – EOW 12/7/2016

GA SW State Public Safety Officer Jody Carl Smith – EOW 12/7/2016 “Police Officer Nicholas Smarr and Public Safety Officer Jody Smith, of the Georgia Southwestern State University Department of Public Safety, were shot and killed while responding to a domestic violence incident at a local apartment complex at South Lee Street and Country Club Drive, near the Georgia Southwestern State University.

The officers had been notified that the male subject was punching holes in the apartment walls and that he had an active felony warrant. When they arrived on scene the complainant advised them that the man was still inside of the apartment. Officer Smith went to the rear of the building as Officer Smarr announced himself at the front door. As Officer Smarr entered the apartment he observed the male subject entering the apartment from the back door.

He ordered the man to come to him, but the man instead fled out of the back door. Officer Smarr radioed that the man was fleeing and ran through the apartment. As both officers pursued the man on foot the subject opened fire on them, striking both officers in the head. Despite his wounds, Officer Smarr returned fire but did not strike the suspect. Officer Smarr immediately began to perform CPR on Officer Smith until he collapsed from his own wounds. Both officers were transported to Phoebe Sumter Regional Hospital where Officer Smarr was pronounced dead. Officer Smith was flown to a trauma center in Macon, Georgia, where he died the following day.”

NYPD Detective Wenjian Liu – EOW 12/20/2014

NYPD Detective Rafael L. Ramos – EOW 12/20/2014 “Police Officers Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos were shot and killed from ambush while sitting in their patrol car at the intersection of Myrtle and Thompkins Avenues in Bedford-Stuyvesant.

Both officers were participating in an anti-terrorism drill when a subject walked up to their patrol car and opened fire with a handgun, striking them both in the head and upper body multiple times. Other officers immediately pursued the the subject into a nearby subway station where the man committed suicide.

The subject was a gang member from Baltimore, Maryland, who had traveled to New York City specifically to ambush police officers. The man had published his intentions on social media prior to the shooting.”


Cincinnati Fire Dept Firefighter Daryl Gordon – EOW 3/26/2015 “Ready to rescue residents from the fourth floor, Gordon makes his way through the dense, smoldering cloud of black smoke. The darkness hinders his ability to see what’s ahead.

Gordon tugs open a heavy door, toward him, looking for residents. Commonly mistaken as an apartment door, this door leads to an elevator apparently stopped on the floor it was at when the fire started.

Before he can see what’s on the other side of the door, he falls down the elevator shaft to the second floor.

His body is wedged between the elevator car and the wall.”

Burton Fire District Firefighter Stuart Hardy – EOW 9/24/2015 “On Sept. 13, while responding to a car crash off of Laurel Bay Road, Hardy suffered a medical event that left him with extensive brain damage.”

CA Dept of Corrections Inmate Firefighter Shawna Jones – EOW 2/25/2016 “…struck by a boulder that had rolled down a hill while she was helping to fight fire near Mulholland Highway and Bardman Street.

Officials with the department of corrections said she was airlifted to UCLA Medical Center, where she was listed in critical condition with major head injuries.

Early Thursday morning, Jones was removed from life support after her organs were donated, in keeping with her family’s wishes, officials said.”

Pineville-Morrow Volunteer FD Firefighter Richard Sheltra – EOW 4/30/2016 “…Sheltra died of smoke inhalation while battling the blaze they described as beginning after lightning struck the Edwin Watts golf store in the Countryside shopping center.”

Prince George’s County Fire Dept Firefighter John Ulmschneider – EOW 4/15/2016 “After arriving on the scene and receiving no answer to knocks on the door and fearing for the occupants welfare a decision was made to force entry into the house to check on the occupant. As personnel initiated forcible entry several shots were fired from within the house striking Ulmschneider, Swain and a family member that called 911 initially.”

Hamilton Fire Dept Firefighter Patrick Wolterman – EOW 12/28/2015 “Autopsy results indicate, ‘the cause of death was determined to be smoke inhalation due to a house fire. Other significant conditions contributing to the death were carbon monoxide toxicity and thermal injuries. The state fire marshal confirmed that the fire was incendiary fire,’ the report states.”

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