Carry The Load Years 1-4

ctlPart of the mission of Carry The Load is to “carry” names with you as you walk/ruck/run on Memorial Day as a reminder of the true meaning of the holiday. The first year that we participated, I only had a handful of names. I went out to the Internet and began searching for line of duty deaths and, as unpleasant as that undertaking was, it was also vital to be able to publicly remind people of those sacrifices made.

The sheer volume of names after four years of gathering and scheduling their posts both on our local Carry The Load Sahuarita Facebook page AND our Twitter feed (@CTLSahuarita) made me realize that I needed to create a “repository” and start over with the names being scheduled. This is in no way a slight against the people that I have no personal connection to; as you will see below all names are getting the respect they deserve, albeit in one central location.

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2016 In Books

emersonWhen I discovered Goodreads several years ago, I had no idea that such a place even existed online. Discovering a place where fellow book nerds congregated and discussed books they were reading, books they wanted to read, and all else literary made me incredibly happy. It also gave me the option of cataloging all the books I’ve read and consolidating my scattershot reading habits into some definable “goals”.

After the passing of a young friend of mine in 2015, I made 2016 the year that I immersed myself in a world of reading in which I gained spiritual, philosophical, and overall educational insight. Overall, I read 40+ books, but I’ll only touch on what I feel were the top ten I read in 2016.

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2014 In Books

shelfEver since 2012, I’ve set a yearly reading goal on Goodreads (if you are not on there yet and call yourself a reader, you may want to rethink that!). I have gradually increased my goal every year and as we bring 2014 to a close, I’m happy to say that I surpassed my goal of 35 books for the year. As of “press time” here, I’m at 57 out of 35.

In the same vein as my post about my favorite books, I’d like to put some of my own thoughts out there on the literary highs and lows of this past year. Keep in mind, of course, that these are only my own thoughts and opinions. Occasionally my opinion of a book is way off the general consensus, both good and bad. I welcome discussions and recommendations from all folks so pipe up in the comments if you’re willing.

Let’s go…

Carpe Diem (or YOLO for the youngsters)

wpid-wp-1402766357498.jpegHeart palpitating. Beads of sweat forming on your forehead. The bottom of your stomach dropping even lower than what seems physically possible. The saliva vanishing from your mouth.

Sound familiar? Of course it does. Everyone has had their own experiences with being nervous. My most recent was as a result of “performing” stand up comedy this past week.

Laff’s Comedy Club in Tucson, like quite a few other comedy clubs across the county, has an open mic night where anyone willing to make the lonely walk to the stage containing a solitary microphone stand is welcomed.

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English Composition Assignment 1 – Coursera

Remember when I talked, awhile back, about the rise of the low-cost to no-cost education options out on the internet? The following is my first writing assignment for the English Composition I: Achieving Expertise class on Coursera. Our first assignment is to read over the first chapter of Daniel Coyle’s book, “The Talent Code. Greatness Isn’t Born. It’s Grown. Here’s How.”. (First chapter is available for free online at

Coyle’s article, entitled “The Sweet Spot”, is his contribution to the endless search for perfection. In today’s go-go-go society, quite a few people invest their time in trying to find shortcuts for activities instead of putting in the time and effort involved in what Coyle calls “deep practice” (P. 8).
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the writer

IMG_7973he is in the happiest place on earth.

moving from one line to another, there are what feel like hours of tedium peppered with moments of joy and happiness with the people he loves. he is standing in yet another line, surrounded by the faces of strangers, all cheerful and excited, with the ones they love, here in the happiest place on earth.
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God Knows, But When Will I?

frustratedOne good thing about the written word is the option available for readers to stop reading at any point they choose to. That being said, feel free to redirect your browser to  The Nicest Place On The Internet any time you get tired of my written grumblings. I’ve got something on my chest and, as my own personal experience has shown me time and time again, putting “pen to paper” may help me to feel just a tiny bit better.

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