A Kind Love Letter

kindDear Kind Bar,

I have been watching you for awhile now. It has been several years since we were first introduced and it has been so difficult to not share my true feelings with you. I have spoken to several other people about my deep affection for you, but I have not talked to you specifically about my feelings.

I love you and I do not care who knows it.

There, I said it. Now that it is out there, there is no need for the awkwardness that comes after a deep, meaningful conversation. In the interest of full disclosure, I went through that phase where I was trying other bars, and I hope I didn’t hurt you by doing so. The bottom line is that I came back to you. I always have come back to you. With your pronounceable ingredients and incredible flavor lineup, I am done playing around. I am fully committed to you, from this point forward.

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Trolling The Book of Face

trollAs I mentioned in a blog post a month back or so, I am always interested in what a relationship can get me. I like surrounding myself, in real life AND online, with people who enrich my life in one way or another. Initially, when you think of this, it may sound selfish (and it really is), but relationships with people are what make life worth living. I understand that Facebook allows you to show your “good side”, but I’ve gotten to know some truly amazing people online that I have never actually met in the “real” world.

Oh Facebook, you wily devil, you are everywhere. You’ve made it into just about every commercial I see on television. You’re in the fine print at the bottom of every movie poster, billboard, and flyer. I get it, you want me to find a particular thing on Facebook, “like” it, and then tell others to do the same. I “get” how it works, I really do. I just like to delve a bit deeper and try to linger on certain events at times.

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To FB Or Not To FB

junkieSo as I come back to the world of Facebook after a month away (with the exception of only a couple times on and then immediately back off), I’d like to wrap up how my month away went.

I’m pretty sure we all know how much of a time-suck Facebook can be. Only in the last few years has the internet become so accessible EVERYWHERE. Refrigerators connected to the internet? Sweet bacon grease, this is a different world from even when I was growing up. There are positives to being in a perpetual state of connection, but there’s also a darker side.

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Ceiling Fans (or writer’s block really stinks)

Let me be honest. It’s been driving me crazy that I have several drafts on the WordPress servers that I can’t seem to finish. As an example of one that started out strong and then faltered, I’m sharing the following humorous one. I’ve selected this particular one only because it’s been sitting in draft status for MONTHS and MONTHS now. I’m having a rough time bridging the gap between two passages. I’ve noticed in my own writing, that once I get my momentum rolling, it’s better if I don’t stop. To my fellow writers out there, do you deal with this too? I’ll sit down to write something and just go buck wild with it and then, for whatever reason, have to stop and get back to the real world. When I come back to the same piece of writing, it’s like my well has run dry and it takes me a bit to get back into that zone I was in during my writing. When an idea hits me, I try to jot down as much as possible for later. Sometimes the initial zeal stays with me and sometimes I look at my notes later and think “what in the world was I going for here?”

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Exercise in Creativity #2

thinkingRemember a month ago or so I had stumbled across a writer’s blog where they had proposed a challenge? The challenge was, in 350 words or less, to write a story using a sentence they provided. Take a look at my first attempt here. Well, I’m trying it again as an attempt to jumpstart some creativity. I’ve got two pretty major stories sitting here on the WordPress servers in “draft” status, awaiting some more inspiration. The itch to write has been bugging me, however, and I had to get something down. With no further ado, here’s my short 348 word story. The sentence provided by the initial blog post happens to be the very first sentence below.
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