Flags of Our Fathers by James Bradley

You know, I have never really been a big history buff. I’ve honestly never been interested in military history and never really held an interest in previous world wars so it seems a little strange that I’m talking about this book. I bought this book because I was desperately trying to find something to read a couple years ago. I just finished the second reading of this book and enjoyed it just as much as the first time.

James Bradley was the son of John Bradley, one of the famous flagraisers in the photograph on the book’s cover. You recognize the photograph, it’s been displayed in so many ways and in so many places that it is an integral part of American displays of pride throughout the 20th century. Well, this book lays to rest alot of the myths surrounding the picture and gives the life stories of all 6 flagraisers before joining the Marines and fighting on Iwo Jima…The 6 flagraisers were; Mike, Harlon, Ira, Doc, Franklin and Rene. I don’t put their last names here because after reading this book, James Bradley has given such a thorough story of their lives that you feel like you knew them personally. If a book on the glories of war is what you’re looking for, then this is not your story. This story is narrated with a very anti-war sentiment. It is graphic in scenes, it is tearjerking in others. This story is an amazing read and should make you appreciative of what you have. Unfortunately, too many people alive today have no idea the sacrifices that our previous generations have made for us. These same people prefer to live in a bubble and be completely self-absorbed, giving no thought to those from an older generation that have seen and heard more than we would ever want to.

Have you thanked a Veteran today? If not, you should. Upon finishing my first read 2 years ago,I happened to see a gentleman wearing a hat that displayed the fact that he was a Veteran of World War II in the Pacific. I walked straight up to him and thanked him for his sacrifices. Go thank one yourself, it’s crucial for us to appreciate those people. After reading this book and seeing how vicious the Japanese soldiers fought, you’ll be left shaking your head and will be truly happy for what you have.


Soul Plane

While not an absolutely AWFUL movie, this was definitely not a good one either…..There was some EXTREMELY nice “scenery” (come on guys, you know what I’m talking about) and a few good jokes but overall this one falls flat and wasn’t even worth the rental….There was some pretty funny dialogue though, for instance Tom Arnold speaking to his daughter about his divorce….Note the following;

“But your Mom’s with Dorothy now”

“I’d like to be with your Mom”

“HELL, I’d love to be with your Mom AND Dorothy”

There were some funny parts in this movie but overall, not worth the viewing….These types of movies are a dime-a-dozen anyway, just a cheesy comedy with no heart.

Vanilla Sky

It is Sunday night and the Hurricane named Jeanne is upon us. I am holding down the fort while my wife and son are at a hotel with relatives. Guess it’s just the guy in me that won’t leave. Anyway, I’m sitting here and I can’t take “Soul Plane” back for another rental so I had to dig into the archives. Well, digging into my DVD archives, I came up for air holding Vanilla Sky.

Alot of people really did NOT like Vanilla Sky. I am not one of those people. I absolutely LOVED Vanilla Sky. There I said it. For the remainder of this post, I’m going to attempt to wax articulate about Vanilla Sky. If you haven’t seen the movie and have no idea what it’s about, then I suggest you leave now because spoilers will abound in this review….

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I just watched Twisted with Ashley Judd, Samuel Jackson, and Andy Garcia….
Rotten Tomatoes didn’t like it much. It’s pretty bad when out of 124 reviews, 122 are bad….Some of the bad ones included statements like
“The direction is so ham-fisted you almost expect Porky the Pig to have a cameo.”

“You’ve seen better mysteries on Murder She Wrote, you’ll hear better dialogue in an Ed Wood flick, and you’ll experience better sex scenes on a hot day at your local zoo.”

“The only positive thing I can say about it, is that it will hopefully not be seen by too many people and that thus it will not hurt the career of those involved too much.”

“The downright wackiest, most laughable thriller to come down the pike so far this millennium.”
Oooooooohhhh, that’s gotttaaa huuurrrtttt….

Hmmmm….Where to start, where to start…The dialogue….AWFUL….The story….definitely a decent premise but not delivered well AT ALL….Some really good actors that just got lazy maybe? Or maybe the director Phillip Kaufman just didn’t elicit the right acting responses…

Ashley, Ashley, Ashley….Why are you dressed up like a lesbian who’s not REALLY a lesbian but is really into violent sex with guys who end up dead? By far, the WORST I’ve ever seen Ashley look…And to think that I once loved her….And what’s up with Russell Wong? That guy had the WORST lines I’ve heard in quite some time…

I would easily say that this movie was something that belonged on the Lifetime channel or even a Hallmark after school special….Completely terrible in every aspect….It got so bad that my wife and I were creating OUR OWN dialogue and laughing at spots that I think were meant to be dead serious….

Sheesh, don’t rent it….Don’t buy it….If you absolutely MUST see this movie, find another way…Borrow your poor sap of a friend’s copy….His goofy ass bought it, don’t make the same mistake….Just borrow his copy….
posted Fri, 09-24-04

I’m Now A Daddy

So I’m sitting here watching Alias because I rented the first two discs from Blockbuster…..I’m holding my son (25 days old) in my arms because he wouldn’t quit crying and I realize just a couple reasons that I should be happy….

I can hear him breathing while he sleeps

I can see the peaceful look on his face while he sleeps

I realize that he is MY flesh and blood and nothing can change that

I also realize that my goofy-ass has created something beautiful (way more beautiful than the beer pyramids while in the Navy)

I realize that all is ok with the world, because for those few minutes I was staring at him, he was all the world I ever needed and I love him for being here with me…


posted Sat, 09-18-04

Birth of The Boy

So here we are….

Just got back from the hospital and my son was born….I’d tell you his name and all (cause I am very proud and happy) but unfortunately, there’s some wackos out there…..I can tell you though, that he was 7 pounds and 12 ounces….He was 20 1/2 inches long too….

Dudes, labor is no joke…….I got light-headed and nauseous about 15-20 minutes into the labor….Had to sit down for about 5-6 minutes and they gave me Pepsi and OJ……oops….he he he he….They told me to stay sitting down but to hell with that….I got right back up and helped finish it all off….Lasted a grand total of about 50 minutes, the hardcore part did…

They broke her (wifey) water at around 7:30am and then he was actually born at a quarter to 7 that night….

He has a bilateral cleft lip AND palate ……He’s a beautiful baby though…His first lip surgery can be at around 3 months….The actual palate being closed will probably not begin the repair process until 11 months, at least….

So there you have it….Lots of info without giving up too much info….He’s great and he’s a future biker (like his daddy), a future blogger (like his daddy once again!) and a future President (come on now I’m still working on it!!!)….
posted Mon, 08-30-04


So how was YOUR weekend?

I spent Sunday morning in the Medical Examiner’s office, observing 4 autopsies…..The wife’s best friend’s hubby is a homicide detective and asked over dinner on Saturday night if I’d like to tag along for an autopsy he needed to attend the next morning….How many times in your life will you get asked that? I said yes, of course and that was it….

He picked me up the next morning with a dozen Krispy Kreme (yum) donuts. Since I am on Weight Watchers, of course, I had no donuts…I was proud of myself….Anyway, whatever…..

The main person we were there to observe was a 20 year old kid who had put a 44 magnum to the right side of his head and pulled the trigger….He had almost an entire case of beer in him before he did it….That couldn’t have helped his depression much….

I’ve never seen the inside of the human head, especially after it’s been cleaned out by a powerful gun such as the 44 Magnum….Very interesting….I realize that in order to do that job as a living (the autopsy doctor) you’ve gotta be just a little “off”….The attending doctor was a little off, that’s why I mention it….

The other 3 autopsies taking place were an 89 year old woman who had died at the nursing home after being strapped to a chair and unable to breathe, an overweight gentleman who appeared to have a heart attack after a car accident (I didn’t really ask, I just picked it up in conversation), and the one autopsy that I made a point to NOT watch very much of, was the 28 day old newborn who had suffocated in between her mother’s breasts during the course of the night…..The detective for THAT case called it “Death by Tits”….There is actually a slang term for it, it happens too frequently….

Bummer…..I’ll write more later…..
posted Tue, 08-03-04