Shaun Of The Dead

Originally posted on Blog-City in 2004 defines the word “immaculate” as “Free from fault or error”. It also defines “superb” as “Of unusually high quality”. And to toss ANOTHER one in there, the word “superlative” as “Of the highest order, quality, or degree; surpassing or superior to all others”. All of these words come to mind when I speak of Shaun of the Dead…

I am a movie fan…..I am a zombie fan….When these two items are morphed together, I am a Happy Man…..Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg have absolutely outdone themselves with this film….Coming into this movie as a fan of Spaced, I was completely expecting a fine bit of film-making…..Film-making that would include self-deprecation, tongue-in-cheek humor, and a healthy amount of blood….I was not disappointed…..In fact, this movie was even better than I could have EVER hoped for…..High Fidelity and American Beauty have been neck-and-neck for first place on my list of favorite movies of all-time (at least of MY time)….Shaun Of The Dead has knocked American Beauty out of the running and comes in first place, with a vengeance….

This movie has made me as giddy as a schoolboy and I haven’t been THAT excited about a movie since I actually WAS a schoolboy….I’m 27 now…..So quick list of what you need to do…..

* Bathe yourself
* Ensure that vehicle has enough gas to get you to theatre that is showing Shaun of the Dead
* Drive vehicle to aforementioned theatre
* Purchase ticket at box-office for you and a date (if you have a date who is willing to sit through this zombiephile’s fantasty with you)
* Put ass in seat
* Watch film
* Leave theatre, and be sure to tell ALL your friends (feel free to spread to the word to complete strangers as well) that they MUST see this movie. They MUST support Edgar and Simon!!!
* Be happy that you’ve partaken in a fine cinema experience

P.S. Watch for homages to Evil Dead, Day of the Dead, Some John Woo filmmaking, and even a quick little reference to another zombie movie of late, 28 Days Later. YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED….Let me repeat…..YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED….
This movie gets 5 out of 5 stars but only because there’s no way to put 7 out of 5……GO SEE IT…