Recommended Posts

Serious Heartfelt Writings…


Can’t Stop Writing


Your Final Act

The Hike

The Tree


What Can You Do For Me?

Hanna The Lovely

Robin Williams

Creative Writing Attempts…

The Run

The Writer

The IT Guy


28 Days Later

Garden State

The Grey

It’s A Wonderful Life

The Punisher

Shaun Of The Dead

Tae Guk Gi:Brotherhood of War

Fight Club

Vanilla Sky


2014 In Books

102 Minutes – Kevin Dyer

Confession – Tolstoy

High Fidelity – Nick Hornby

The Inferno – Dante Aligheri

Night – Elie Wiesel

HG Wells War of the Worlds

We Wish To Inform You That Tomorrow We Will Be Killed With Our Families… – Philip Gourevitch

 Thoughts On…

Memorial Day (2014)

The Man List – Chapter One


Dear Son Of Mine



Religion I

Religion II

Religion III


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