Facebook Free February 2015

junkieWell, it’s that time of year again. For the third year in a row, I’m declaring the month of February “Facebook Free February”. OK, it’s not official or even public, it’s just my thing.

That being said, I’ve got a couple more observations from this past year regarding Facebook. In an attempt at avoiding the rehashing of stuff from my previous postings on what feels to be a necessary evil, I’m trying to keep it fresh.

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Trolling The Book of Face

trollAs I mentioned in a blog post a month back or so, I am always interested in what a relationship can get me. I like surrounding myself, in real life AND online, with people who enrich my life in one way or another. Initially, when you think of this, it may sound selfish (and it really is), but relationships with people are what make life worth living. I understand that Facebook allows you to show your “good side”, but I’ve gotten to know some truly amazing people online that I have never actually met in the “real” world.

Oh Facebook, you wily devil, you are everywhere. You’ve made it into just about every commercial I see on television. You’re in the fine print at the bottom of every movie poster, billboard, and flyer. I get it, you want me to find a particular thing on Facebook, “like” it, and then tell others to do the same. I “get” how it works, I really do. I just like to delve a bit deeper and try to linger on certain events at times.

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Facebook Free February 2014

junkieLast February, I took the entire month off from Facebook. Looking at it as a sort of “reset”, it did me some good. I’m thinking that it’s time again for that reset, to catch up on my reading and maybe dig a bit more into that Great American Novel I’m working on.

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To FB Or Not To FB

junkieSo as I come back to the world of Facebook after a month away (with the exception of only a couple times on and then immediately back off), I’d like to wrap up how my month away went.

I’m pretty sure we all know how much of a time-suck Facebook can be. Only in the last few years has the internet become so accessible EVERYWHERE. Refrigerators connected to the internet? Sweet bacon grease, this is a different world from even when I was growing up. There are positives to being in a perpetual state of connection, but there’s also a darker side.

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going dark

IF YOU DON’T WANT TO READ THE ENTIRE POST, THEN TO MAKE A LONG STORY SHORT, I’m taking a break for awhile from Facebook and Twitter. I’ll still be over here, writing when it hits me. I’ll also be available via email at crzydjm at gmail dot com or dmiller23462 at gmail dot com. Unsure when I’ll return, but trying to just take a step back for a bit.
I believed, for the longest time, that I was above the crack-addict level of Facebook and Twitter. I wasn’t. I don’t think that too many people really are nowadays.
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