Tough Mudder 2013 Aftermath

tmSo as you already knew from my short blurb last week, I did my second Tough Mudder in Mesa, Arizona this past Saturday with a couple of friends. I’m actually really pleased with my performance, considering I did a TON better this year than I did last year. Alot of that has to do with the fact that I’m in better shape this year, by far. Continue reading Tough Mudder 2013 Aftermath


Tough Mudder Number Two

tmSo, I’ll be running at the Tough Mudder tomorrow. Last year I came back with two injuries. Nothing that kept me from functioning normally, but a tad bit painful. The ball of my left foot was bruised from running over tough concrete chunks in my original pair of Vibrams. I strained a tendon in my left arm and actually thought it may be broken. Luckily, the arm wasn’t broken (and it actually was the impetus for me to start getting yearly physicals) and my foot was just tender for a bit.

This year’s goals are as follows;

#1 – Finish every obstacle (same as last year’s goal, although “Mount Everest” took me a dozen attempts before I finally got it)

#2 – No injuries.

Pretty simple and to the point. Hope to see you there, even if we’ll both be covered in mud!

UPDATE – Found a cool cam-video from last year’s Arizona TM.

Arizona Trail Passage One, Here I Come…

I’ve never really had a special affinity for walking. I mean, we all have to walk everywhere we go (well with the current technology we don’t HAVE to walk anywhere anymore) but I’ve never really considered walking long distances for no real reason. Even at work I spend five days out of the week hiking for most of my shift. That being said, I will be hiking the first passage of the Arizona Trail (Huachuca Mountains Passage) in late December with my father-in-law, voluntarily.
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Thinking of giving Martin Berkham’s “Checkpoints” idea a shot to keep me on track. Here’s what I’m thinking of doing each month and then after January probably extend it out to 8 week intervals. When I say “non-stop” I mean until I have to actually stop for a break longer than 2-3 seconds.

The exercises :
Non-stop Pullups – 1:30 rest
Non-stop Pushups – 1:30 rest
Non-stop Squats – 1:30 rest
Non-stop Ring Dips – 1:30 rest
Non-stop Burpees – 5:00 rest
1 Mile Run

The dates :

Anybody reading this have any suggestions? I’m just kind of flying by the seat of my pants here and after more than a month of completely eating crap and not exercising I expect the first couple checkpoints are going to be U-G-L-Y.

Lean Gains going on

Been reading both “Lift To Run” and “For The Love of Cookies” lately (yay for subscriptions!) and it looks like both of those gals were giving new training methods a shot. I can relate, seeing how the last year has been an eye-opening experience with nutrition and training on my end as well. Discovering gluten, primal, paleo and getting more into bodyweight exercises has really been educational and interesting.
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The 30 Days Are Over

I’d like to say that I learned alot over this past month, but I really didn’t learn anything new. Everything I put into practice since March 21st was stuff I already had done in the past. As I said to a Facebook buddy the other day, I had noticed my “cheats” getting more and more frequent so after a week mini-vacation in Florida decided to reel it back in.
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Checking in again

I’ve got to be honest here; I feel great. No, really I do. Once that 2nd week of headaches was over with, I’ve been feeling fabulous. I’ve avoided all added sugars, with the exception of a trivial amount of honey in THESE little pockets of deliciousness (I haven’t even used the full amount called for in the recipe). I’ve been sleeping good at night and my workouts have been pretty good. My initial plan was to go until 4/25 but after recalculating my math the other day I realized that 30 days is actually going to be the 20th of this month. I joke about a beer and donut filled pig-out after my month is up but we’ll have to see. I may partake in something I enjoy after the month is up but it’s not a huge deal. Going to be running in the Jelly Bean Jog on the 23rd with The Wif and The Boy. There’s a pancake breakfast afterwards. Hmmmm. That’s actually the catalyst for me recalculating my math. I’m not going to feel guilty if I have a couple pancakes, even though I’m not looking forward to the tummy fallout from that breakfast. Anyway, we’ll see.

Couple links worth sharing that I’ve read this past week:

Stumbled across this extremely comprehensive and informative article about bodyweight training over at Eat, Move, Improve. Over the years, I’ve spent my share of time in the gym with the rest of the huffing-and-puffing folks. Although I’m not really that self-conscious about my strength (if I can’t lift it, I can’t lift it. I’m not going to throw my back out just to impress you), I will admit that I’ve always been a bit annoyed waiting on some meat-head to stop chatting it up with the girl next to him and put the weights back. I’m married and even before I was married, I didn’t go to the gym to pick up women. I went to the gym to WORK OUT and then get the heck out of there. That being said, I love being able to do my workout in my garage with no sharing of equipment (although my 6yo likes to hang from my gymnast rings and bust out some pushups when I’m out there trying to do burpees, bless his heart).

How about a quick dose of awesomeness? Head over to Justin Owings’ site and check out his recipe. Yeah, it’s a “meatza”. It is EXACTLY as awesome as you might think. In just one week, I made three of these bad boys and both The Wif and The Boy loved them. Granted, the cheese required for a pizza was a bit over my goal of minimal dairy (just a bit, he he) but I’ve still maintained my weight. In the past, we’ve made pizzas with a couple different gluten-free crusts and the best we’ve come up with has been the Kinninnick Gluten-Free brand. They’re pretty darn good, but there’s a bit of sugar in there, along with rice and corn. I personally don’t find that I have that many issues with rice, but during my month of no-grains I’ve made a valiant effort at getting rid of them (couple flubs here and there, like the couple bites of my wife’s Chipotle’s Lime Cilantro Rice last week)

Weight this morn was 178lbs again. So far, during these 30 days I’ve gone as low as 176 (after a fast) up to 182 (after a bodyweight workout). I’m fine with that weight; my only desire is to get this midsection a little less fluffy and a bit more solid. I can definitely feel my abs under there, screaming to get out.