Leah Memory #26

The day that Leah passed, my father came to the school to let me know. After the initial shock, right there in the principal’s office, we headed home in silence. After sporadic bouts of crying, my father suggested that we write a poem or something to Leah, hopefully something therapeutic. Upon completion, my father submitted them to the local paper.

My father’s;

“Little Leah Love of My Life”

Eight years you were here blessing everyone who came near
You couldn’t run, skip, or dance
I know you would have, if given the chance
You’re with Jesus now and Heaven will be a better place
All because of your lovely little face
I’ll miss you and an empty place will forever be in my heart
For you this isn’t the end, but only a fresh new start
In Heaven, you’ll have no more pain
Only sunshine and never any rain
You’ll laugh and sing and skip and dance
You’ll never again wait for the one little chance
The ballerina you always wanted to be
Will be in the spotlight
The way it should be
I’ll see you again when Jesus says it’s time for me
Until then, I’ll miss you.

Your loving father, Jim Miller


And mine;

“To Leah”

Eight years you were on this earth
First came conception, then came birth
Next you grew to the age of one,
That was the year that you shone like the sun
Then you hit two, and after that there was three,
Those were the times you laughed with me
And there were the ages of four and five,
Those were the years you really came alive
After five, there was six and seven
We were sure you would die and go to heaven
When you hit eight, we thought it was great
That was when we believed that God decided to wait
But now we know, as you liked to show,
That God needed another angel
You can dance and you can sing,
You can do anything!
Leah, God is the only thing I love more than you
I’ll cut back on the headaches

p.s. Tell me what it’s like up there!


Thank you were obliging me with this little project, dear reader.