The Scores

movie-musicI’m a fan of motion pictures for more than one single reason. The emotional pull of some movies, the adrenaline rush of others, the stunning visuals of even more all fascinate me and keep me coming back for more. When it comes to emotions felt while viewing films however, a large part of that feeling comes from the music. Now I’m a fan of “vocal” music just as much as the next person, but there are times when I truly enjoy immersing myself in a completely instrumental experience.

If you hear the name John Williams, what do you think of? If you’re a fan of the Star Wars movies, I would imagine that one of the first things that comes to mind is his “Imperial March” song. You may not even know the name of it, but when the opening chords start up, you recognize it.

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A Mission Statement

j_maguireOne of the oddest things about writing is how often random ideas for writing will pop into my head. In this day and age, our electronic doo-dads can be both a blessing AND a curse. Yes, they are incredibly distracting and have left us with little to no social interaction skills, but on the other hand, sites/applications like Evernote and Springpad make it simple to get a thought down almost instantaneously, even with no pen or paper handy. Have your smartphone or tablet handy? Sweet, you can get down your idea and it will sync almost immediately! Continue reading A Mission Statement

Scream-O-Rama 2013

As a life-long film buff (self-proclaimed of course), one ofscream-o-rama my favorite things about movies is how subjective they all are.  Movies are liked by some and despised by others, with the exception of a few movies that are pretty much universally hated (i.e. Gigli, Catwoman, and just about anything by Uwe Boll). Nowhere is the difference between a good movie and a horrid movie more obvious than in the science fiction and horror genres. There is a fine line between being ridiculously awesome and just plain ridiculous. The worst types of genre movies are those that make every attempt to be taken seriously, even though they are screaming to be put out of their cinematic misery. I’ve seen more movies than I can count that turned into utter schlocky garbage, even though every actor made an attempt to relay their lines in the most serious tone of voice and used their facial expressions to their full potential.
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The Impossible

impossible-001Watched a movie today that had slipped under my radar called “The Impossible”. Considering my son’s upcoming school project on tsunamis, The Wif thought we might be able to file this one in the “research” category. I pride myself on my ability to remember completely useless trivia and keep abreast of movie/celeb talk but I must admit this based-on-a-true-story film about one family’s amazing experiences during the 2004 tsunami completely blindsided me. Honestly, I only saw the trailer to this about a week ago, when The Wif showed it to me.
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The Grey

“Once more into the fray.  Into the last good fight I’ll ever know. Live and die on this day. Live and die on this day.”

I watched this movie for the third time last week and I’ve gotta admit that it gets better each time I watch it. The majority of Carnahan’s previous stuff, with the exception of Narc and Smokin’ Aces, I haven’t really been a fan of. In case you didn’t know his filmography off the top of your head already (yeah, I’m a nerd, so sue me) he’s been behind the camera on several films, one of the biggest lately being “The A-Team”. I’m sorry to say that I hated it; HATED IT. Like to the point of not finishing it because I was so lost and just tired of explosions. Yeah, I said I was tired of explosions, I’m sorry. A man tired of movie explosions and one-liners? What kind of man could I be?
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