Closing The Gap Between Knowing And Doing

thinkingMarcus Aurelius, in his book Meditations, has a line that states “Waste no more time arguing about what a good man should be. Be one.” While I agree that there is entirely too much pontificating on what truly makes a man a MAN, I think there is some value in spending time thinking on how to become a better one. If you have read any of my prior stuff, you should be prepared for a “stream of consciousness” type feel. Sometimes I edit, sometimes I don’t. There, you’ve been warned. I have discovered that sometimes writing takes on a mind of its own and the words flow freely so at the risk of making this a “Jerry Maguire” moment”, here we go.

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In Defense Of Reading

hammockIn a world where technology has improved our lives and continually increases its own ability by leaps and bounds, humans have had to adapt to living at a constantly moving pace. With the instant accessibility of information now, reading a good paper-and-glue book seems to be less and less given its proper due (not that I have a problem with ebooks; on the contrary I enjoy them even though you can’t sniff them). I felt moved to declare my love affair with reading and point out the glaringly obvious fact that people do a good amount of reading, whether they will admit it or not. Now, you may think that reading doesn’t need anyone to defend it, and you may be right, but I have to get it off my chest. To anyone who knows me personally (or even has read this blog for any amount of time, just look at the previous blog post), you know that I am a firm believer in the power of a good book. I have been reading since I was a child, and have always preferred the company of a good book to a reality tv show (or most television for that matter).
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The Man List…Chapter One

manlyPeople LOVE lists. Regardless of the number of bullets in said list, people love to read “Top Ten Ways to ___” and “Worst Twenty ____ Of This Year”. Well, let me go ahead and toss my hat into the ring and drop what I would like to say is “The Man List”, or at least MY man list. This is in no way all inclusive and there may be more to come. This is just off the top of my head for now.
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God Knows, But When Will I?

frustratedOne good thing about the written word is the option available for readers to stop reading at any point they choose to. That being said, feel free to redirect your browser to  The Nicest Place On The Internet any time you get tired of my written grumblings. I’ve got something on my chest and, as my own personal experience has shown me time and time again, putting “pen to paper” may help me to feel just a tiny bit better.

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Facebook Free February 2014

junkieLast February, I took the entire month off from Facebook. Looking at it as a sort of “reset”, it did me some good. I’m thinking that it’s time again for that reset, to catch up on my reading and maybe dig a bit more into that Great American Novel I’m working on.

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Ceiling Fans (or writer’s block really stinks)

Let me be honest. It’s been driving me crazy that I have several drafts on the WordPress servers that I can’t seem to finish. As an example of one that started out strong and then faltered, I’m sharing the following humorous one. I’ve selected this particular one only because it’s been sitting in draft status for MONTHS and MONTHS now. I’m having a rough time bridging the gap between two passages. I’ve noticed in my own writing, that once I get my momentum rolling, it’s better if I don’t stop. To my fellow writers out there, do you deal with this too? I’ll sit down to write something and just go buck wild with it and then, for whatever reason, have to stop and get back to the real world. When I come back to the same piece of writing, it’s like my well has run dry and it takes me a bit to get back into that zone I was in during my writing. When an idea hits me, I try to jot down as much as possible for later. Sometimes the initial zeal stays with me and sometimes I look at my notes later and think “what in the world was I going for here?”

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unproductiveI sat down here on the laptop to get some writing done. I have to say, however, that my technology is awfully distracting. I have desperately been attempting to create the best possible scenario to write in. Using Chrome, I had several tabs open and was jumping back and forth between several of them. I actually created a Youtube playlist to “awaken” my muse along while listening to several musical scores (The Grey, The Descent, and Dark Knight). As I was doing that, I had Facebook open in another tab and kept scratching THAT itch too. Next thing I know, I’m looking at the lower right corner of my laptop and I see that over 60 minutes have gone by and the only things that have been written are several comments on Facebook AND the title of my new Youtube playlist.
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