The Face


Barking. Incessant barking. My wife’s chihuahua is so close to being physically thrown out the back door.


This room is black. The darkness in here is so complete. I raise my hand in front of my face only to find no indication of something breaking the space immediately in front of me. It’s only black in here. I must have enabled the sleep timer on the television before I got too tired to set it. Usually when I fall asleep in front of the television, I forget to set the timer and my wife lets me know about it.

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I’m Still Here, I promise.

no time iconThings have gotten busy lately. Not in a bad way, mind you. I’ve started taking courses on Coursera, which is a fantastic site if you’ve never seen it before. I continue to tinker around with one particular story that I haven’t made public yet. I’m actually trying to get it publish-worthy before submitting to a local short story contest (first price is $250!). I am in now way attempting to delude myself into thinking I could win first prize (or even second or third, ha!), but a deadline may be the impetus I need to complete this particular story. Once it’s been submitted and I’m “allowed” to make it public, it will be right here on this blog.

I’ve had a few people ask about my Rider story. It’s far from done, that’s for sure. I’ve started it out and now I’m rethinking the format of the story. I would like to, if at all possible, make IT into something publish-worthy as well. I have an overall story arc to it that I’m very excited about but need to sit down and sink some more time into it. If you’re interested, I wrote up The IT Guy a few years back. That’s up to eighteen chapters and might keep you busy for a bit.

Well, this is a bit of a “meta” blog posting, but I didn’t want my last post up here to be on depression. 🙂 Yes, I wrote it to get some things off my chest but this blog isn’t all about sadness. It’s about writing! Whether it’s humorous or a bit deeper, I’ll keep on keeping on.

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Pima Writer’s Forum – Tucson

writing-campSo earlier this month I signed up for a membership on to see about maybe connecting with other writers in the area. Tonight was the first meeting I attended and I really enjoyed the hour I spent with these folks. We turned a twenty-minute writing exercise into about forty-five minutes of writing and ended up banging out some pretty good stuff. I had to leave early so unsure how much everybody else got done, but I rambled on about two different subjects (which I’ll “transpose” below from my handwritten stuff). Continue reading Pima Writer’s Forum – Tucson

Tough Mudder Number Two

tmSo, I’ll be running at the Tough Mudder tomorrow. Last year I came back with two injuries. Nothing that kept me from functioning normally, but a tad bit painful. The ball of my left foot was bruised from running over tough concrete chunks in my original pair of Vibrams. I strained a tendon in my left arm and actually thought it may be broken. Luckily, the arm wasn’t broken (and it actually was the impetus for me to start getting yearly physicals) and my foot was just tender for a bit.

This year’s goals are as follows;

#1 – Finish every obstacle (same as last year’s goal, although “Mount Everest” took me a dozen attempts before I finally got it)

#2 – No injuries.

Pretty simple and to the point. Hope to see you there, even if we’ll both be covered in mud!

UPDATE – Found a cool cam-video from last year’s Arizona TM.