So there really hasn’t been much to talk about lately. Heading on a mini-vacation back to Nebraska in a few days, which is a win because I could most definitely use a few days away from work. Been thinking about what sort of “challenge” I could try next and I’m thinking of cutting down on my television watching for a month. I’ve never been a huge television person, but since I’ve been married (8 year anniversary in less than a week! Woot!) I’ve been watching a TON more television than I ever have before. In some respects, that’s pretty cool. Several years back, my wife talked me into watching each season, via DVD boxset, of “Friends”. As much as I hate laugh tracks and 99% of sitcoms BECAUSE of the laugh tracks (I catch myself laughing at unfunny garbage just because everybody else is), I really enjoyed seeing the whole Ross/Rachel deal and had quite a few legitimate laughs from that show. Currently we watch “Modern Family”, “How I Met Your Mother”, “Dual Survival”, “Sons of Anarchy”, and “Veronica Mars” as a family on a regular basis.
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Originally posted on Blog-City on December 19th, 2004

My whole “adult” life, I’ve been a fan of the X-Files. So much so that, although I know the difference between fact and fiction, I decided to try for a position in the FBI. As of Friday, I’ve passed Phase I and am now filling out the super long application to be processed for Phase II. Now that the little “preamble” is over with, let’s talk about Millennium.

Chris Carter, the creator of the X-Files in 1993, explains in the special features section of this set that Fox was looking for another show from him a couple years into the X-Files. The show was insanely popular back then, spawning little sects of people who worshipped David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson (I love the show but not quite THAT much). Fox realized that they had a goldmine in Chris Carter and he had a pretty good idea of what viewers wanted to see. Millennium blew them away when it premiered in October of 1996.

Millennium’s First Season gives us 22 episodes about the darkness of the human soul, a distinct departure from the aliens and other supernatural phenomena made famous by Agents Mulder and Scully. Lance Henriksen, in one of his best roles to date, plays Frank Black. Frank is a retired FBI agent who has recently had a nervous breakdown, resulting in his retirement and the move of his family to Seattle. Shortly after arriving in Seattle, his “services” (he can ‘see’ things) are hired by The Millennium Group (no not THIS Millennium Group). The Millennium Group is a group of former law enforcement professionals who are investigating disturbing crimes and waiting for the new millennium (remember the hiccup that was Y2K? He he).

Where the X-Files focused more on little green men and mutants, Mulders sister and Scully’s father, Millennium discusses more of the darkness in HUMANS. Not mutants, necessarily, just creepy ass killers and freaks. Each episode stands alone pretty well and is sort of a “crime of the week” with a little bit of a greater storyline tossed in there, for instance Frank’s wife is under constant watch by an unknown assailant and he is mentioned several times throughout the season (he mails pics to Frank of his wife and daughter several times).

Like I mentioned, this show distances itself from the X-Files but there is one particular episode that brought a smile to my face and I’m sure many other geeks have enjoyed it as well. In the episode “Lamentation” when Frank is visiting Quantico, there is a brief flash of Mulder and Scully walking down the stairs in the background together. On top of this little trivia tidbit/cameo/whatever you want to call it, this episode was probably my favorite of the season. The darkest episode (possibly the NEXT episode was darker) of the season, Frank loses one of his friends to a sadistic killer, Satanic in nature. I can’t explain too much but suffice it to say, this episode is D A R K and very disturbing.

The cast is great and Lance is joined by Megan Gallagher as his wife, and Brittany Tiplady as his daughter (cutest kid in the television world, BY FAR). His cohorts/coworkers include the great Terry O’Quinn (also seen in the X-Files a couple times and the X-Files movie. Most recent appearance is in “Lost” on Wednesday nights), Bill Smitrovich, Stephen J Lang, CCH Pounder (remember The Shield?), and Jay Underwood even.

What a great show, definitely worth buying and watching. Second season comes out in January 2005, which is good because the 1st season has a hell of a cliff-hanger!