The Tree


I stop walking.

As the sun reaches this dark place,
What stands out is the purple and lace

There was hatred and fear
Why did it happen here?

What went through his mind that night?
Why did this seem alright?

I don’t know how to react,
I can’t justify this heinous act

I sip my water and shake my head,
Fighting back my anger in red.

Those who caused this pain were not men in the least,
If I had to label them it would be as beasts.

I start walking.


Ceiling Fans (or writer’s block really stinks)

Let me be honest. It’s been driving me crazy that I have several drafts on the WordPress servers that I can’t seem to finish. As an example of one that started out strong and then faltered, I’m sharing the following humorous one. I’ve selected this particular one only because it’s been sitting in draft status for MONTHS and MONTHS now. I’m having a rough time bridging the gap between two passages. I’ve noticed in my own writing, that once I get my momentum rolling, it’s better if I don’t stop. To my fellow writers out there, do you deal with this too? I’ll sit down to write something and just go buck wild with it and then, for whatever reason, have to stop and get back to the real world. When I come back to the same piece of writing, it’s like my well has run dry and it takes me a bit to get back into that zone I was in during my writing. When an idea hits me, I try to jot down as much as possible for later. Sometimes the initial zeal stays with me and sometimes I look at my notes later and think “what in the world was I going for here?”

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Exercise in Creativity #2

thinkingRemember a month ago or so I had stumbled across a writer’s blog where they had proposed a challenge? The challenge was, in 350 words or less, to write a story using a sentence they provided. Take a look at my first attempt here. Well, I’m trying it again as an attempt to jumpstart some creativity. I’ve got two pretty major stories sitting here on the WordPress servers in “draft” status, awaiting some more inspiration. The itch to write has been bugging me, however, and I had to get something down. With no further ado, here’s my short 348 word story. The sentence provided by the initial blog post happens to be the very first sentence below.
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unproductiveI sat down here on the laptop to get some writing done. I have to say, however, that my technology is awfully distracting. I have desperately been attempting to create the best possible scenario to write in. Using Chrome, I had several tabs open and was jumping back and forth between several of them. I actually created a Youtube playlist to “awaken” my muse along while listening to several musical scores (The Grey, The Descent, and Dark Knight). As I was doing that, I had Facebook open in another tab and kept scratching THAT itch too. Next thing I know, I’m looking at the lower right corner of my laptop and I see that over 60 minutes have gone by and the only things that have been written are several comments on Facebook AND the title of my new Youtube playlist.
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Exercise in creativity, numero uno

thinkingI’ve found several websites that intrigue me in regards to writing. I’m impressed to have discovered other writers out there who, like me, are interested in hearing other voices. The following short story was my contribution over at This “Write To Done” site is one of several I’ve discovered over the last week or so and this challenge was quite interesting. Rules are as follows;
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“The greatest part of a writer’s time is spent in reading, in order to write; a man will turn over half a library to make one book.” – Samuel Johnson

I came across the above quote last week and was impressed by how accurately and succinctly it made the observation that a good writer is, quite often, a voracious reader. Readers and writers both have an interesting relationship with words however there is a level of nitpicking that goes into each sentence structure as a writer that is influenced in many different ways. In my own writings, I have completely dismantled certain sentences and shuffled word order around in order to create a sentence worthy of putting out in the public arena. As a matter of fact, several sentences back, I originally wrote “both readers and writers” but then realized I liked the flow of “readers and writers both” a bit more. Those four words convey the exact same thing don’t they? Why does it matter? I can’t give you an answer that makes sense, other than to say that when I say them aloud, they have a better rhythm. Yep, this guy writing is a nerd. Go ahead and say it to your screen that you happen to be reading this on; I’ll wait.
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